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I promised I’d tell you what I missed about giving up my corporate job to become a writer. As I’m writing my first novel, until I get published, many budget items once considered essential have fallen victim to the saving knife.

Some expenses are easy to give up. So much of what a professional woman spends on herself is about how she looks to outsiders.

What I’ve given up:

  • Daily wake-up cappucino – Cafe coffee has become a twice a week treat. It’s a lot easier to work without caffeine when you love what you do.  Now when I do sip the silky milky brew I actually notice the buzz afterwards. 
  • Manicure, Pedicure – I can do this myself. In fact I’m branching into colours I would ‘tut-tut’ at in an office setting.
  • Haircut – Unfortunately my hair is not simple to cut. More like wrestling with Medusa. I can’t do it myself. I figure I can move from monthly to quarterly trims.
  • Clothing – Not needed (new pieces that is).
  • Dry cleaning – Generally not needed. I would say get rid of it altogether but I managed to shrink my crepe silk frock by hand washing it myself. Sob.

The list goes on.

What do I miss right now?

Lunch money.

I was never one to eat a bought lunch everyday. At first it was to save money for the next holiday or just to get ahead. As I progressed in my career, bringing my own lunch became a tactical necessity and time saver. Meeting over-run? No problem – I’ve brought leftovers. 

Once a week, to escape the office, I would have a sit down lunch somewhere. Often it would be Sushi. Soft pink salmon, perfectly cooked rice and a hint of wasabi. A hot bowl of miso soup. Tempura prawns. Sushi’s not just a meal, it’s an experience. I loved watching the chef turn mighty slabs of fresh fish into delicate dishes.

Sometimes I’d have a craving for pasta. Or a deli sandwich. Ham and cheese croissant.

Everything tastes better when someone else is making it for you.

Lunch today was a salami and cheese melt on rye bread with a little side salad. Prepared at home at half the cost of a bought lunch. If only I had a cleaning up fairy.

I’m not complaining though. Whether I’m eating peanut-butter sandwiches for a week straight or drinking tea to keep warm this winter rather than running up a heating bill, I’m fortunate. I have a luxury people much richer cannot always claim: time.

I intend to spend it wisely.

Write well. Write often.


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  • Violet: Thanks Alannah :) Apologies for not replying sooner: I'm finally catching my breath and the year is almost over!
  • Alannah Murphy: I remember your first post, way back when I had my old Here Be Dragons blog, and I am glad you are still writing. We all find out, sooner or later, ho
  • Violet: Good to hear that Aaron. Good Luck with your work.