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Forget Santa. Oprah is coming to town.

My home town, Sydney, is rife with Oprah anticipation. Today’s paper has three separate articles on the subject in the same section. True friends were revealed and frenemies created in the tussle over the lottery tickets to be part of the studio audience. Tourism industry livelihoods are teetering on the success of cross promotions after a tough year of trading.

The doyenne of daytime television is due to land here next week. Her production crews have already arrived. Three shows will be filmed, airing in January.

Are Australians mad to be spending millions of tax-payer dollars on a media junket?

I must admit, I’m excited. I didn’t scramble over tickets to see her (but that is more indicative of being distracted with essays than of some deep coolness on my part). I don’t watch her show everyday. I just think she’s a good role model for women in business.

I credit her with reviving book clubs amongst ordinary people (anyone who can read, should).

I am agog with her ability to influence people’s tastes and purchases. Thank goodness her agenda seems genuinely positive.

How do you feel about Oprah?

Image courtesy of Oprah.com

I subscribed to her O Magazine when it was first launched – mainly out of curiousity. I still have some bookmarks with inspired quotes (no not of the Chicken Soup variety, more the classic literature and great minds type).

For example, one O Magazine bookmark bears this quote:

‘I have never known any distress that an hour’s reading did not relieve.’

– Montesquieu

Eventually I grew tired with the product placements and let the subscription lapse.

My Oprah viewing consists of author interviews or book club specials that interest me.

Oprah’s paid visit has caused much controversy here. A lot of people view it as a waste of money (how ’bout spending the cash on improving our health care or education? they say). A few people are actually enraged by the idea.

I’ve watched our tourist campaigns come and go. They’ve cost small fortunes and launched modelling or acting careers for their stars (or leveraged existing careers).

I’m very proud of our country, particularly of our culture and breathtaking landscapes. I’m happy to share this with others, especially when it preserves those wonders with much needed tourist dollars.

How much do you know about Australia?

Forget sex sells. Oprah sells.


Travel well. Travel often.


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