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The patience of pages

Posted on: September 24, 2010

If my library of books shared any of its owner’s innate impatience, I’d have a riot on my hands.

That book I bought last year in my King Arthur phase would be commanding READ ME, the slender champagne history would be sashaying onto someone else’s shelf and that great Australian novel would have galloped off into the outback.

I acquire books faster than I can read them. Much faster.

What do you consider a reasonable number of books to own?

As we are only three months away from year end, I thought I’d take stock. How much have I read this year?

Actually, this post was inspired by a less organised mentality. After mopping the floors today (yuck – I’m only doing it because we have our third dinner guest of the year this weekend – entertaining takes a nose dive on one income), I was horrified at the amount of dust gathering on my precious books. That led to a bookshelf tidy, which led to a desire to tally my reading achievements this year to date.

Novels READ: 10 (including 3 borrowed)

Novels reread: 1

Novels STARTED but NOT FINISHED: 13 (which I estimate equates to 5 novels read judging by thickness)

Total Novels READ: 16

Total short stories READ: Countless (20+)

Total Academic essays, Non-fiction and trade magazines READ: Countless (50+)

Total Picture Books READ: 4 (including 1 reread of an old favourite) 

That’s a lot of reading! I’m not even counting workshopping other writer’s work, the Saturday paper or online reading.

Before you pat me on the back, consider this.

Novels UNREAD and bought this year: 15 (clearly I think I can read novels twice as fast as I actually can)

Short story collections UNREAD and bought this year: 10

Nonfiction UNREAD and bought this year: 1

Here are some books which have been waiting years for me to get to:

I am grateful for the patience of pages. No person would put up with being ignored for so long.

How much have you read this year?

Read well. Read often.


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Since this post I’ve managed to read three more novels, 4 more picture books, a short story collection and 20+ academic articles. I haven’t even counted the number of articles and trade magazines either. Lots and lots of lovely words.

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  • Violet: Thanks Alannah :) Apologies for not replying sooner: I'm finally catching my breath and the year is almost over!
  • Alannah Murphy: I remember your first post, way back when I had my old Here Be Dragons blog, and I am glad you are still writing. We all find out, sooner or later, ho
  • Violet: Good to hear that Aaron. Good Luck with your work.
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