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Yaar – onwards second draft

Posted on: August 12, 2010

In one week’s time I intend to be finished with the second draft (I’m giving myself a month per draft now). Yet today I’m working on chapter six of what is currently a sixteen chapter novel. I only have two more full days between now and my deadline (due to other commitments), so I need to pick up the pace.

Strangely the writing itself is very pacy – almost too pacy. I am currently obsessed with dialogue as a vehicle for expressing character and action. I actually need to go back and stick in the slow atmospheric stuff.

Do you find your writing process morphing with each draft?

Do you have a natural tendency for description over dialogue or vice versa?

Onwards writing chariot…

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Write well. Write often.


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2 Responses to "Yaar – onwards second draft"

Variation in pace is a good idea I think, and dialogue is a straightforward way to achieve this. I like moving from considered lyrical description of landscape to sudden staccato interrupted speech that conveys the urgency of violence.
I’ll have to look now to find out what it is you are writing.

I have a tendency of having too much dialogue, they just go on and on and then I realise I’m not giving the chapter enough atmosphere so I’ve had to add that as I am going alon with my editing. I’m on my god knows what draft…good on you for being so organised.

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  • Violet: Thanks Alannah :) Apologies for not replying sooner: I'm finally catching my breath and the year is almost over!
  • Alannah Murphy: I remember your first post, way back when I had my old Here Be Dragons blog, and I am glad you are still writing. We all find out, sooner or later, ho
  • Violet: Good to hear that Aaron. Good Luck with your work.
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